We would all like to think that the rider is the star of the show! But if we're being totally honest, it's all about the horse! And having a portrait session done with the horse you love so much is very special! These 5 tips on getting your horse photoshoot ready will make your portrait session much more fun for the both of you!


Our horses put up with a lot from us horse crazy people! They put up with us clipping, braiding, oiling and all the other crazy stuff to get them as shiny as a new penny! But at your photo session, if there is a certain pose that you want to capture. Riding bareback for example, but you have never ridden bareback with your horse before. It would be very beneficial to practice riding bareback before the day of the session, so that your horse will be comfortable and have fun.


If you have ever tried to get a green horse to hold still, it's not an easy task! But if the first thing that you do the day of the photo session is give your horse a good work out before their bath and grooming. The horse will be in a much better mind set to listen and make the entire session so much more enjoyable!


Im not sure about you, but when Ive bathed and groomed my horse to be show ready. I usually look like a drowned cat afterward! So the day of your photo session, it would be best to work down your horse, bathe and groom and leave them tied where they cant get too dirty! Then you can go get yourself ready, and hope and pray that they wont get into too much trouble while your gone haha but if you do have extra help, if your family member or friend can groom your horse while you get ready, it can help make the entire day much more enjoyable! and dont forget to bring a little "just in case" grooming bag at the session to make any touch ups along the way.


If your horse has never been to the photo session location before, for them to be comfortable it is a good idea to take the horse before the day of the session to the location. So that they can get used to the sights and smells of a new place. If you cannot do it before the day of the session, arrive to the location several hours before the session starts so that the horse can get used to the new location.


The last thing that you want to do at your session is to be tacking up your horse and have to mess with your tack because it doesn't fit. Since you will be taking the tack out to clean it for the session anyways, why not tack up your horse to be sure everything fits just right!

Stay tuned for "A Spa Day for your Horse" post will be coming soon!

A guide of tips and tricks and products for your horse to give them the ultimate relaxing spa day!