A regular grooming routine is crucial to the health and care for your horse!

Whether you have a high dollar show horse, or a family horse that you love to ride as a hobby. It's important to have a grooming routine to keep track of your horses' health.

This list below are some suggestions on what to add to your current grooming routine! You don't have to do all of these steps every single day, but it's a good idea to consistently groom your horse so that you can monitor their health.

  • Visual check up
  • A full boy inspection: ask yourself these questions
  • Is there something different from yesterday?
  • Am I seeing something, feeling something different.
  • Is my horse acting different?
  • When taking my horses vital signs, are they normal?
  • What are my horses' reactions to being touched and moved around.
  • Is my horse giving any reaction or feedback?
  • Does my horse have any swelling on his/her body anywhere?
  • Does my horse seem sensitive or tense up when I'm touching a certain muscle group?
  • Is my horse telling me that it feels good or bad?
  • Look at the inputs and outputs
  • is my horse eating and defecating normally?
  • Pulse
  • Check out this video here to learn how to check your horses' pulse.
  • Hydration Levels
  • Check this quick video here to show you how to quickly check your horses' hydration levels.
  • Temperature
  • Learn how to take your horses temperature in this video here!
  • Body Brush
  • For caked on mud, start with a curry comb to remove as much dirt and debris as possible. Then move onto a medium bristled brush to get the smaller dirt and dust off your horse. It's a good idea to really focus on the areas where the tack will be in contact with the horse so that anything that can be a possible irritant can be removed.
  • Brush Mane/Tail
  • Brush the mane and tail to get all the knots out. Using cowboy magic is a great product to use to get the mane and tail sleek and shiny!
  • Pick the hoof
  • Its best to clean the hoof really well. Not only to get out all the muck, but to also remove any rocks, or debris. It's also an opportunity to check for any bruises, possible abscesses, or thrush. All of which will need to be medically treated.

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I also wanted to thank Pro Equine Grooms for the wonderful content that helped me in my research on how to more effectively groom my horses and help educate my clients on better horse care!