Horseman's Park, Las Vegas Nevada

Strength and skill!!

That is what I would describe the participants at the AVA Region 1 Championships in Las Vegas! It was my first time being the official photographer for a vaulting competition. I was not sure what to expect! Boys and girls of all ages jumping onto a moving horse and doing gymnastic and dance routines. It was amazing to see! The creativity, theatrical and skill level of all the vaulters was such a pleasure to watch. Thank you to the committee for having me!

They are athletes!

The strength that is needed to complete a move while a horse is in motion, whether its at a walk, trot or canter. It takes an amazing amount of strength and balance to be able to do them! I couldn't help but notice that not only were the vaulters amazing equestrians but they had to be in amazing shape to be able to excel in the competition. And the horses! You know I couldn't write a blog and not marvel at the horses ;) The draft horses were beautifully groomed and the strength to be able to support 1 or more vaulters (no matter the gait) was impressive to say the least! Beautiful and strong, weather on 4 legs or 2, they are athletes!


Level 1 Novice Walk Women

Madison Crisci (Poway Valley Vaulters)

Level 1 Novice Walk Men

Anson Beattie (Valley View Vaulters)

Level 2 Novice Walk Women

Lauren Choi (OC Vaulting)

Novice Trot Women

Samantha Artinjian (Golden Gate Vaulters)

1 Star Trot Women

Honour Pinal (Diamond Bar Vaulters)

1 Star Copper Women

Sophia Valencia (Poway Valley Vaulters)

2 Star Bronze Women

Mary Charlotte Javorsek (The Soaring Vaulters)

2 Star Gold Women

Lilly Belinski (Golden Gate Vaulters)

3 Star Gold Men

Jace Brooks (Wasatch Peak Vaulters)

Costume Contest

I don't think I laughed and smiled more than I did watching everyone perform their freestyle routines in costume and in character! I loved it!

Meet the Vaulting Clubs!

Competitors from all over the West Coast came to show off their skills! Click on the photo to see your favorite vaulters doing what they love most!

Ascent Equestrian Vaulting

Beyond the Rainbow Vaulters

Diamond Bar Vaulters

EVX Riding Club

Golden Gate Vaulters

Lompoc Vaulters

OC Vaulting

Poway Vaulters

The Riding Academy

The Soaring Vaulters

Valley View Vaulters

Wasatch Peak Vaulters