Our horses are such an important part of our lives! Some of them have made such an impact to our soul, that we are forever changed! And having the opportunity to have portraits taken with our horses, so that we are able to love and cherish the memories for decades to come is an extra special blessing!

This guide is to help you to prepare for your photoshoot with your horses, so that everything will run nice and smooth. And so that everyone (even the extra furry ones) will have a great time!


Whether you have decided to have your horse completely saddled for your photoshoot, or you are going to have your horse in only a halter. It's important to make sure that:

-The tack fits your horse
-The tack is squeaky clean!
-Any repairs that need to be made to your tack



1 week before the photoshoot

  • Fit, repair and clean all the tack that will be used for the session.
  • Practice the poses you want to use for the session
  • Get your horse used to your outfits if you are concerned that your horse will spook.

a few days before the photoshoot

  • Take the horse to the location (if you are hauling to the location) to have them get used to the area! If that is not a possibility, be sure to be at the location the day of the photo session at least an hour before, so that your horse will get used to the area.
  • Continue the posing practice and desensitizing to your outfits.

1 day before the photoshoot

  • Iron clothes
  • Set out your outfits with all accessories. Ideally put the outfits in a garment bag to keep them safe and clean!
  • Put together a little "photoshoot kit" to have on hand for the session to help with your horse. HERE is a link to help you put together your horse's photoshoot kit!

the day of the photoshoot

  1. Work down or exercise your horse.
  2. Bathe your horse (even better if you have a friend or family member bathe your horse while you are getting ready. Leave your horse somewhere where they have access to food and water. But can't get themselves in trouble ;) If you would like some guidance on giving your horse a nice spa day, with recommended products, click HERE)
  3. Get yourself ready
  4. Go to the location at least 1 hour before the session time.