Utah Ranch Sorting Association is an organization that not only hold impressive sorting competitions all over the state of Utah, but they also put on several workshops to help anyone looking to improve their skills or for anyone just getting into the sport!

The horsemanship of the riders, and the skill of the horses was a sight to see! The horses knew what their job was and were eager to work! I think one of my favorite things was seeing the horses pinning their ears as they were moving the steers as if to show that they were all business! It was a chilly weekend at this sorting, but nothing was going to damper anyone's spirits! There were smiles all around from the riders in and out of the arena, and there was no such thing as having "too much fun"! It takes an incredible amount of work to put together a sorting as big as this one, and it would not have been possible without the hard work of everyone involved! It was a pleasure getting to know everyone and I was honored to be a part of this amazing sorting!

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Utah Sorting | Utah Ranch Sorting Association

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URSA - Katee Larsen Photography (mypixieset.com)