It's okay to be overwhelmed when deciding on outfits for your portrait session!

There are so many things to consider when deciding what to wear! What will look good on me? Will it look good on camera? Will it coordinate with what my partner is wearing? Will I like how I feel in it? And then on top of that! Will this look good with my horse!?!

Fortunately, horses are very easy to style with! Based on the color horse or horses you have, and based on your own personal color palette, you can very easily decide which colors to wear that will complement you and your horse!

Below you will find color blocks that will complement the respective color group of horses very well!

So, say you have a palomino, and a shade of green is in your own color palette. Now you know that you can wear that color green in your outfit!

The color palettes that are above are just a guide!

I wanted to give you a visual color palette to help you choose not only what color outfit you can wear, but also great colors for tack for your horse!

I also wanted to say that these colors are not the only colors that look great with these color horses. There are many other colors that will look amazing!

And one last thing! I want you to wear what makes you happy and what brings out your confidence! So wear what you want! You'll be beautiful in anything that as long as you are happy, that's all that matters!

If you would like some more instruction on how to style yourself and your horse, shoot me a message, or schedule a call! I'd love to chat :)

here is an extra tip for you!

for the spotted and pinto horses, avoid a lot of patterned clothing. You might be able to get away with a small pattern, but large patterns are going to clash with the spots of the pintos and spotted horses! So a nice solid color clothing is going to help you stand out from the beautifully patterned horse!

and one more thing! If you are wondering what I'm talking about when I kept mentioning your own personal color palette, I'll be posting another blog that helps you find colors to wear that will complement you the best! So keep an eye out for that!