I grew up riding and showing horses, I did a little bit of rodeo. But I found my true passion in Reining and Cutting when I started taking lessons when I was in high school!

But life has a way of getting away from you. And soon I found myself, 30 years old, sitting in a cubicle working a 9-5 job, trying to convince myself that I was happy working a job that, to be honest put me on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications! I was lost and on auto pilot. Just running through the motions and trying to convince myself that I was doing what I was supposed to do (not what I really wanted).

After a few months of therapy, I did a lot of soul searching and I just knew that getting back in the saddle was going to be my path to who I am truly meant to be!

So, I started searching for a trainer that would be accepting lesson clients! I went to a few trainers that just didn't feel like the right fit. But then I was introduced Kathy!

She took me on and agreed to give me lessons, and introduced me to all the horses in the barn. She opened a stall door and introduced me to this very cute grey mare. I was struck at how beautiful of a head she had, and she was big and stocky! (I like my horses THICK!! ;) )

I told Kathy "I really like her!!!"

"Shes for sale!"


It was not on my radar to buy a horse, but I really liked this big grey mare named Maggie. And Kathy saw that there was a special connection between Maggie and me. Next thing I knew. I was working alongside Kathy while she was working other client horses, learning the techniques on groundwork to young horses just getting started. And she offered to help teach me and help me start Maggie myself!

The more time that I spent with Maggie, my confidence in myself grew. My once anxious energy soon turned calm and quiet, and I felt amazing just being with her!

I've put on several rides on Maggie, starting her from the ground up and she has been amazing the entire way! Now, don't get me wrong. It was not all rainbows and butterflies. I made mistakes, there were days that we were just not understanding each other. She has not made it easy on me!

But when I did make those mistakes, she didn't hold it against me. She forgave me and trusted me almost immediately.

I'm a whole different person compared the Katee that was working in the cubicle! And its because of Maggie and what she was able to do for me. And what the most amazing thing about that is that she was able to bless my life by just being herself!


My grandad who I was very close with growing up, loved horses! He grew up on a ranch and I think every photo that I have seen of him growing up, he has been on a horse! He passed that horse love to my mom, and who then passed it onto me.

In December 2019, my Grandads health declined quickly, and sadly he passed on a week before Christmas. It was hard, but I'm honestly grateful for the memories that I have of him!

In 2020, was the year that I had met my friend Kathy who owned Maggie at the time. Kathy saw that Maggie and I have a connection that was special and had agreed to supervise me as I started Maggie!

After one of our training sessions, I had called my mom to tell her how Maggie was progressing. My mom then asked me. "What color is Maggie again?" (She lived in AZ and had not met her yet) I told her that she is a grey. She then said, " You know, Grandads favorite color horses were greys!"

Instantly, I knew that from heaven, my Grandad had created a way for me to meet my heart horse and the one who brought me back to who I truly am! And by her being a grey, was his little way of letting me know that he was responsible for me finding her!


A good friend of mine shared a story with me, that I have relied on when I am having my doubts in myself and my business.

There was a colony of small creatures that live at on rocks at the bottom of a fast-moving river. These creatures cling onto the rock all day long, for fear of being swept down the river and dying.

One day, one of these creatures says to her family and friends.

"I think I'm going to let go of the rock!"

Her family and friends said "NO DONT LET GO OF THE ROCK!! You will be swept down the river, bashed against the rocks and die!"

The creature responded, "I'm dying anyway!" And she let go of the rock!

Sure enough, she was bashed against the rocks. She was battered and bruised, but she did not die! As she was swept down the river, she eventually learned how to float, and eventually she learned how to swim! She had never experienced that level of freedom before! Being able to swim all on her own!

She eventually came upon another colony of creatures who were all amazed at her skills! They called her "special" and "unique", but she looked at all the creatures that still clung onto the rocks and said

" I'm just like you! I just let go of the rock!"